Monday, July 20, 2009

"Full Attack" will never be the same...

Another week and work on my first publication is coming along nicely.

As I didn't get the preview copy, all my rules will have to wait a couple months after the final release of the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game.

However I'm truly excited about the rules I'm putting together.

The Design Goals of this supplement:
* Create rules that work within the existing system to allow for truly cinematic combats within the metagame.
* Make each weapon balanced by changing the way iterative attacks work, through the creation of a speed system that isn't cumbersome.
* Make each weapon unique in what you can do with that weapon as your character advances from Proficiency to Mastery. (this weapon revision will also remove some abilities for those who are non-proficient, how can the untrained use a whip effectively to trip their opponents?)
* A picture of every weapon
* The return of many weapons that have disappeared in newer editions of the game; including the pike, the broadsword and the military fork!
* (Tenative) If there's room, I'd like to include some real history of the origin and function of the weapon

Prior to publication I will need some external playtesters to evaluate the final workings of the rules. (Under NDA of course)

As I said, "Full attack" will never be the same...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to the Studio

This is the placeholder site for the Studio.

R. Scott Tilton Studios is the location for everything related to RPGs for me. From actual Pathfinder Compatible supplements, to published artwork. Stay tuned, the work has begun, Pathfinder is on the Horizon, and everything is set to go!

Those of you who follow Paizo's website will recognize me as Xaaon. Those that do recognize me as Xaaon know that I'm always full of ideas...or sometimes full of it...

I'm an avid gamer, I'm in several PbPs on the site and running two games at home.

I have 26 years of Gaming experience, starting in 6th grade way back in 1983.