Friday, March 26, 2010

Still under work.

Now that my other work is calming down, I'm getting to work on my fun projects.

I have Decided to call my system of house-rule modules the Silhouette system.

I'm back to working on my art as well.

Teaser (Weapons Module)

20th level fighter using his chosen weapon, the dagger. (no stats included)
Dmg 1d6+8 (18-20/x4), Bleeding Critical, Multi-Throw

(This is all achieved through mastery of the weapon,
Fighter Weapons Mastery,
Weapon Focus (dagger),
Weapon Specialization (dagger),
Greater Weapon Focus (dagger),
Greater Weapon Specialization (dagger).

Stay tuned for future updates, and learn how the fighter got those bonuses.